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Three major aspects of the climate and the green economy will be discussed and shared:

Panel One: Women's Role in the Cleantech & the Energy Transition.

As clean technologies are sweeping across all industries and opening opportunities for sustainable development, it is well known that certain industries, such as energy, are dominated by men. How are women professionals gaining ground in this field and what challenges must be overcome to achieve greater equality of opportunity?

Panel Two: Smart City and Minority Social Inclusion.

Besides the pollution caused by heavy industries, cities can drive a new social paradigm in which sustainability is the engine. The concept of smart and sustainable cities is becoming more prevalent, and every city is vying for the best benefits. While this is true, there is still a gap between low-income individuals and wealthy individuals when it comes to access to smart cities, first across countries, then down to social classes.

Panel Three: Clean Mobility & Public Incentives.

In some economies, the EV revolution has been a dominant force in the last decade. Others are more nuanced, placing clean fuels at the top of their transition to a carbon-free transportation policy, such as green hydrogen, efuels, and biofuels. A comparison of zero carbon goals with actual performance in the industry, as well as how different stakeholders approach sustainability. A look at how government incentives and law changes are influencing local changes.